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This Is Texas’s Year In Media: Here Are 5 Facts To Prove It!

Texas is definitely not going to secede from the U.S., and it doesn’t have to, because the state is slowly culturally colonizing the rest of the country. People are starting to wear cowboy hats and boots, cowboy movies are coming out, and even music is embracing the trend. It is definitely the year of the cowboy, and here are 5 facts to prove it!

Cowboy Shows and Movies

First, the media has bombarded people with cowboy entertainment, starting with the huge success of “Yellowstone,” which would lead to Kevin Costner playing a cowboy again. Soon Costner will star in and direct “Horizon: An American Saga. This movie will take us back to the Civil War era and show the expansion of the Wild West.

Cowboy Music!

Queen Beyoncé is leading the cowboy revolution in music, teasing the second act of her “Renaissance” trilogy. Beyoncé released a video inspired by the Wim Wenders film “Paris, Texas” and confirmed that she is embracing her inner cowgirl. Minutes later, she released the single “Texas Hold ‘Em.”

Cowboy fashion

Vogue recently wrote that cowboy boots are officially back, describing them as “classic” and “a great way to add personality to any outfit. In fact, the cowboy boot is becoming increasingly popular as celebrities like Harry Styles, Emily Ratajkowski and Beyoncé embrace it. Fictional characters have also embraced the cowboy core, such as Barbie in her movie.

Social media

Seeing a trend in the world is one thing, but measuring its actual impact on social media is another. According to Glossy, the term “cowboy boots” had more than one billion global views on TikTok by December last year.

Texas superstar at the Super Bowl

Finally, proud Texas superstar Sandy Cheeks from Spongebob showed up at the Super Bowl to report from the sidelines and make sure Texas was well represented during the game. Cheeks is known for always speaking well of Texas and for attending rodeos.

So you better be ready because everywhere you look is going to be full of cowboy stuff. So giddy up, partners, and embrace your own modern cowboy fantasy in 2024.

Written by RA News staff.


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