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A Dog That Crossed The Border Just Got Deported!

A dog that crossed the border to the U.S. from Tijuana along with several migrants that took advantage of a moment when workers were repairing part of the border wall just got deported back to Mexico.

Well, the dog technically wasn’t deported, but instead US officials noticed the presence of the pup, which was claimed by the local beach merchants in Tijuana. The Border Patrol returned the dog to his owner.

Oso -Bear in Spanish- is around six months and is very playful, so when he saw migrants running to cross the border, he thought they were playing with him, so the pup ran behind them. According to the locals, Oso was abandoned on nearby beaches, where he grew up with local merchants that fed him and provided him with shelter.

Several videos of the dog crossing the border appeared on social media.

“Luckily, they [the Border Patrol] allowed me to go for him [the dog] to bring him home,” said Oso’s owner. Now Oso is in Mexico safe and happy with him.

The owner, who didn’t give his name, revealed that Oso loves running in the sand, being photographed and eating shrimp.

RA Staff
RA Staff
Written by RA News staff.


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