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For Better Or Worse, These Are Texas’ Most Influential People

Three Texans landed themselves on Time Magazine’s list of 100 Most Influential People of 2024. 

Among those honored are Dallas entrepreneur and minority owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, and quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes.

Time Magazine, based in New York, has been compiling this list since 2004, selecting individuals based on their impact on the most significant stories of the previous year.

Here are the reasons why these Texans made the list:

Mark Cuban: His Deep Ellum-based company, Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company, emerged in 2022, and sells 2,000 generic drugs and 20 brand-name drugs directly to patients, eliminating middlemen.

Ashton Kutcher, American actor and film producer, wrote Cuban’s snippet for Time’s list.

“Mark Cuban is more than just a wildly successful entrepreneur; he’s willing to share what he has learned and built with others to help them reach their potential, while setting an example as a humanitarian who uses his gifts to build a better, healthier, more equitable world for us all. Bravo, Mark,” Kutcher wrote.

Looking more closely at his impact in Texas, Cuban made the news when he sold a majority stake in the Dallas Mavericks to the Adelson and Dumont families of Las Vegas, known for their involvement in the Vegas Sands Corp.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Cuban’s sale of the Mavericks has also fueled discussions about the legalization of gambling in Texas.

Gov. Greg Abbott: The Governor’s inclusion on the list is attributed to his unwavering stance on America’s southern border.

His unconventional strategies, such as sending buses of migrants to Democratic strongholds, have sparked controversy but also earned him admiration from some quarters.

“Despite some glaring missteps—including his handling of an ice storm that snowballed into an energy crisis, and initially praising the calamitous police response to the Uvalde school shooting—Abbott remains one of his party’s most persuasive pitchmen,” Philip Elliott, a TIME senior correspondent, wrote about Abbott.

Abbott attributed responsibility for the Winter Storm URI to the Reliability Council of Texas, while initially commending the Uvalde Police Department for their response to the tragic shooting at Robb Elementary School, which tragically resulted in the loss of 19 students and two teachers.

Patrick Mahomes: The star quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, has become a household name. Hailing from Tyler, Mahomes has achieved remarkable success in the NFL, including leading his team to four Super Bowl appearances and setting numerous records.

Mahomes’ early career in East Texas and his standout performances at Texas Tech University are part of his legendary journey to NFL stardom, as first reported by The Dallas Morning News.

“His insatiable desire to win is outdone only by his passion to give back and make the world around him better. Patrick’s legacy will live on far beyond his playing days. And—as evidenced by his back-to-back Super Bowl wins—he’s not done yet!” Alex Rodriguez, Major League Baseball World Series champion and Fox Sports studio analyst, wrote about Mahomes.  

Written by RA News staff.


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