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Texas Nationalist Movement Links ‘Civil War’ Film To TEXIT Movement

In the film, Garland doesn’t explain why America is at war, the viewer only knows that the president of the United States at some point disbanded the FBI and ordered airstrikes against U.S. citizens.

However, despite Garland’s attempt to avoid direct parallels with current political realities, Miller contends that the film reflects ongoing political discourse surrounding Texas independence.

As first reported by San Antonio Current, Miller in his video clip, argues that if the federal government persists in its trajectory of “endless debt,” “collapsing borders,” and “polarization,” states will be left with no alternative but to secede.

“I still have the poll numbers right here on my desk, and it’s amazing how many of those states that were talked about, as part of those various factions that withdrew from the union, show high polling numbers of support for wanting to leave the union,” Miller said. 

Miller also went on to say “If Texas votes to leave the union, if there’s violence, it won’t be on our part. It’ll be on the part of the federal government.”

Critics caution against Miller’s comparisons, highlighting a lack of substantial evidence supporting the widespread Texan desire for secession. A recent study by Newsweek and Redfield and Wilton Strategies found that 67% of likely Texan voters would choose to remain part of the United States if given the option.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott also dismissed assertions of secessionist sentiments, labeling them as a “false narrative.”

Written by RA News staff.


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