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Update: Conspiracy theorist Doug Kuzma dies from COVID After Attending ReAwaken America

Updated Jan. 7 – Doug Kuzma, a proponent of Donald Trump’s anti-vaccination stance, has been hospitalized after getting COVID, likely while participating in ReAwaken America, a QAnon-friendly conference in Dallas. 

The conference hosted speakers promoting vaccine conspiracies and claims of 2020 presidential election fraud, according to a Newsweek article. 

As reported by Daily News, on Dec. 11 Kuzma posted Facebook photos at the rally in Dallas, where he and like-minded attendees appeared maskless and crowded together. Shortly after, Kuzma posted what he thought was his chronic bronchitis had taken a bad turn, and when suggested to get tested for COVID, he lashed out.

“You must have lost your mind, so they can kill me, and try and give me the jab,” Kuzma reportedly responded to one commenter. “I’ll die at the house before I go to the hospital.”

On Christmas Eve he was found unconscious at his home. Kuzma was hospitalized and put on a ventilator, 10 days later he died at the age of 61. 

Kuzma had last been heard from on Dec. 19, after posting a photograph of his ivermectin stockpile before attending ReAwaken America.

The event is still on tour and has hosted guests Mike Lindell and Trump National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn.

Podcast host Joe Oltman, Jovan Pulitzer, and several other attendees who are now sick are claiming they experienced anthrax poisoning at the event. Trump supporters are sharing these claims all over Telegram.

“To my friends tried to keep this underwraps [sic] until we knew what we were dealing with but Evidence suggest that several of us were targeted by biological agents at an event This has wreaked havoc on my system w [sic] all of the most dangerous symptoms appearing Scary to say the least,” Pulitzer wrote in a Twitter post.

Texas has recorded over 11,000 new COVID cases since Dec. 21.

RA Staff
RA Staff
Written by RA News staff.


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