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The Shocking Fraud Accusations That Could Bring Tesla Down

Asana CEO and Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz accused Tesla of “massive fraud” and said the Elon Musk company will be the next Enron, in a Thursday post on Threads.

“I know I sound crazy to most people who don’t follow $TSLA closely but at this point it really needs to be said. This is Enron now, folks,” Moskovitz wrote. “It may keep going, but people are going to jail at the end.”

Enron is considered one of the biggest fraud cases in history. Enron managed to hide billions in debt and to overstate its revenues, until these practices were found, leading to the company’s bankruptcy.

Moskovitz said that Tesla has been lying about its autonomous driving solution (FSD).

“The data is presented in fraudulent ways, and it doesn’t say what they claim it says even when they make it up,” he wrote. “Tesla has committed consumer fraud on a massive scale, from lying about FSD, ranges, and (recently, unconfirmed!) even inflating odometers…also securities fraud.”

Musk responded to Moskovitz by writing on X on Friday: “What a retard.” He then apologized to Moskowitz for calling him a “retard.”

“That was wrong,” Musk wrote. “What I meant to say is that he is a pompous idiot whose head is so far up his own ass that he is legally blind. I wish him the best and hope that someday we can be friends.”

Tesla has a history of making premature statements about its self-driving system. In 2015, Musk told Fortune that by 2017, their cars would have Level 4 autonomy, which is completely unmonitored self-driving. Now, in 2024, Tesla’s cars only have Level 2 autonomy, meaning the driver still needs to have their hands on the wheel.

Written by RA News staff.


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