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Dan Patrick: Higher Gun Sales Foretell a Trump Victory

Trump Texas Victory Chair Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is out with a statement claiming that increased gun sales indicate a victory for President Donald Trump in November. The statement comes as yet another poll shows Trump trailing presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden in Texas. 

“Guns sales are a leading indicator pointing to Trump’s electoral success in November,” said Patrick in a seemingly random statement issued by his campaign office, rather than his elected officeholder staff. “The millions of Americans who are buying guns will not vote for a candidate who threatens their Second Amendment rights and promises confiscation policies.”

Patrick cited numbers indicating there were more than 2.3 million guns were sold in June, a 145% increase from the prior year.

Morning Consult, a global data gathering firm, is the latest to issue polling showing Trump losing ground in Texas. 

Morning Consult’s numbers track what other polls have shown, putting Biden in the lead with 47% support, compared with Trump’s 46%. The poll of likely voters was conducted from July 24 to Aug. 2.  

Written by RA News staff.


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