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Hardworking Republicans? GOP Representatives Caught Playing in Capitol

In the midst of one of the most thrilling special legislative sessions of recent years, Rep. Briscoe Cain was caught playing with card boxes and beer at the Capitol, in Austin. 

During the special legislative session, where the GOP has attempted to pass one of the most restricting voting bills in the history of the lone star state, the Democrats fled to Washington, in order to deny Republicans the quorum they needed in order to pass the bill. Gov. Abbott has received a lot of backlash on social media for defending that bill. 

GOP members have been attacking the democrats that left Texas with the argument that they are running away from their jobs and that Republicans are the only ones that want to work. Rep. Cain told Fox News, about the actions taken by the Democratic Representatives:

“They’re using it as an excuse to shirk their duties to their constituents and to the people of Texas”

However, it seems like the “hardworking” representatives from the GOP that stayed in Austin for the session haven’t been working as much as they’ve been telling their constituents. Mr. Briscoe, Representative in the Texas House from District 128, was found playing in the middle of the lobby. He was heavily criticized on social media by other Representatives and by the people on Twitter, saying they were behaving like children. 

Next time Mr. Cain wants to complain that Democrats aren’t doing their job, he will have to think twice on the topic, since playing on the Capitol doesn’t count as “working” either. 

Written by RA News staff.


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