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Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Calls for Fourth Special Session, Abbott Says There’s No Need

Updated with Gov. Abbott’s response.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick feels there’s still more to do on the conservative agenda, that’s why he’s calling for a fourth special session.

The third special session failed to pass two of Gov. Abbott’s priorities, legislation to increase an illegal-voting penalty and to ban vaccine mandates by any entity in Texas. For the looks of it, it seems like the Lt. Governor doesn’t want to leave anything hanging.

Abbott hadn’t said anything regarding a fourth session when Patrick’s tweet came out, and he did issue a statement complimenting Texas lawmakers for their hard work during the third special session, suggesting he was satisfied with the results.

“These dynamic achievements would not have been possible without the men and women of the Texas House and Senate who worked tirelessly through the third Special Session to ensure these priorities made it across the finish line. Because of their efforts, the future of Texas is stronger, safer, and freer.” 

Hours after Patrick’s tweet came out, a spokesperson for Gov. Abbott came out with a short statement denying the need for a new special session, “there is no need for another special session at this time”

Shortly after that, GOP state Rep. Lyle Larson also came out with some harsh words for Patrick, calling him an “awful human being” and accusing him of trying to sacrifice elders to COVID.

RA Staff
RA Staff
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