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New Texas Law Protects Dogs from Neglect

The Texas Senate activated a bill on Tuesday, the Safe Outdoor Dogs Act, which aims to prevent inhumane living standards for pets. Gov. Abbott vetoed this very same bill late last year, calling it unnecessary overreach and a burden on pet owners. It went poorly, so he had to bring it back during the special session.

Texas dog owners can no longer use chains and similar tethering methods on their furry companions. Instead, they must use more humane tethers like trolley systems, which are more comfortable and allow for more freedom of movement. Texans are also required to provide basic necessities like clean water, shelter, and shade for their pets.

“That’s something San Antonio has been working on for years now,” says Sgt. Bethany Snowden with the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services. “This is something that we’ve been fighting for. We’re ecstatic that the state has now recognized this as an issue.”

“We are by no means dog-catchers,” Snowden says. “We are animal care officers. We care about our animals and making sure that we hold the public accountable.”

Lisa Norwood, public relations manager for Animal Care Services in San Antonio, similarly emphasized the importance of accountability and awareness.

“We have changed the way that we educate people,” Norwood says. “We are an enforcement agency, and those officers are enforcing the law and educating.”

Neglect, while passive, is still a form of abuse. 

“We 100 percent care for our community and we want to make sure everyone is given the resources to make sure their animals are taken care of properly,” Snowden says. “We’re here to help them as well as the animals in our community.”

Information for this article was retrieved from Chron.

Written by RA News staff.


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