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Rodney Anderson doesn't support Texas women

Women make up slightly more than half of the population in the United States and here in Texas, but whether it’s in Washington D.C. or in Austin, women are consistently left out of critical policy decisions.
Texas has the dubious distinction of ranking at or near the top of states in several undesirable categories: Seventh in maternal mortality rate, first in rate of repeat teen pregnancy and first in the number of women (and children) who lack health insurance.
Despite these and other troubling statistics, Rodney Anderson (R-Grand Prairie) has shown a consistent pattern of voting against women’s access to health care, pay equity and  protection against sexual assault. Anderson hasn’t worked to fix these problems, but has instead voted against Texas women. His record includes:

  • HB 279: Anderson voted against extending the life of the Women’s Health Advisory Committee, which was created to help reinforce women’s health plans after Texas legislators dramatically changed access to health care, in 2011.
  • CSHB 1: Anderson voted against pay equity for public employees at state agencies and contracted organizations.
  • HB 2032: Anderson voted against increasing penalties for sexual assault committed on public transit.

When trends in healthcare and the economy cut against women, and with a new urgency to stop public or private predation against women, his votes reveal his values.
Rodney Anderson can’t claim to work tirelessly on behalf of everyone if he ignores the needs and priorities of half of Texas.  We need public officials to see, hear, and serve everyone in our state, and we need to Reform Austin.

Written by RA News staff.


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