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Texas Republicans Adopt Closed Primary at Convention

A new plan to close Republican primaries was approved to prevent Democrats and independents from voting in them. Supporters argued that this change would ensure GOP nominees better embody Republican principles.

“This step prevents outsiders from interfering with the integrity of the Republican selection process,” explained Joseph Black, a delegate from Dallas.

However, Stephen McKeown, another Dallas delegate and a math professor, opposed the closed primary initiative.

“Open primaries attract newcomers to the party,” McKeown argued. “Allowing non-Republicans to vote can spark interest in our issues and infuse fresh ideas into the party.”

Currently, Texans don’t declare a party when they register to vote. The new proposal requires Republican primary voters to register with the party, abstain from affiliating with another party, and avoid voting in other primaries.

Additionally, delegates approved a rule instructing county Republican leaders to reject ballot applications from candidates who have been censured by the state GOP. Such candidates, including incumbents, would be prohibited from running as Republicans for two years.

The convention will conclude on Saturday, with an address from Sen. Ted Cruz to the delegates.

RA Staff
RA Staff
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