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AG Ken Paxton and Wife Targeted in Swatting Incident Following Impeachment Documents Release

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and his wife, Texas Senator Angela Paxton, fell victim to a swatting incident on New Year’s Day, according to a statement released by the attorney general. The incident involved a false report to 911 about a life-threatening situation at their Collin County home, prompting McKinney police and firefighters to respond, believing it to be a hazardous situation.

Fortunately, neither Paxton nor his wife were at home during the incident, and they were alerted to the false report by a state trooper. Swatting is a malicious act where someone intentionally makes a false emergency call, diverting first responders to a location where there is no actual emergency. The rise in swatting incidents in recent years has led law enforcement to issue warnings about prosecuting those responsible for making false emergency calls.

Paxton, in a statement, condemned the act, emphasizing the criminality of making false reports to 911. He expressed gratitude for the bravery and professionalism of the McKinney police and fire departments, highlighting the potential danger such incidents pose to first responders.

The McKinney Police Department confirmed their response to the Paxtons’ home on New Year’s Day and is currently investigating the incident in collaboration with the Texas Department of Public Safety. Specific details about the nature of the false report were not disclosed by either the attorney general or the police.

Paxton pointed out that the swatting incident occurred shortly after the family’s home address was exposed online in documents related to the attorney general’s impeachment trial, released by the Texas House. Paxton connected the incident to what he described as the public exposure of their address by individuals associated with his impeachment, including Speaker of the House Dade Phelan, his allies, and the Dallas Morning News.

While emphasizing the family’s commitment to conservative principles, Paxton deemed compromising the effectiveness and safety of law enforcement as unacceptable. Notably, Paxton was acquitted in September on 16 articles of impeachment filed by the Texas House. The attorney general has pledged support for Republicans challenging those who endorsed his impeachment in the upcoming March primary elections.

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RA Staff
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