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Why Are Texas Animals “Splooting”?

It’s splooting season for animals and rodents because of the heat in Texas. If you see a squirrel or other animal laying flat on a cold surface, you are experiencing a splooting. 

Rodents and other animals do this to cool down on hot days, it has become more common thanks to the heat wave.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) posted a video on Facebook of a squirrel splooting in Burnet County.

“That feeling when it’s 100+ degrees outside,” TPWD captioned the video. “Don’t mess with Texas heat, y’all.”

Animals do this to expose their bodies to a cold surface so they can handle the heat. But it is such a strange position, that many Texans commented they were concerned when they saw a squirrel doing that.

“It isn’t new for animals to use this pose but of course, if it’s hotter out and/or for longer periods of time, animals might do this more,” wrote Dana Karelus, a mammalogist for TPWD, in an email. “However, with more people having cameras in hand all the time now and social media to share their photos, it could just seem like it’s happening more.” 

So, if you see an animal splooting, it’s perfectly normal behavior. Don’t forget you can always help the animals by giving them some water.

RA Staff
RA Staff
Written by RA News staff.


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