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Jonathan Boos doubles down against Texans’ health

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Reform Austin has previously written about Jonathan Boos, a candidate for State Representative District 113 in Dallas County, ignoring the scientific facts on vaccination and risking public health. Since then, when a concerned individual addressed his stance on the issue, Boos doubled down on his irresponsible position.


Boos’ stance is particularly troubling in light of the confirmed case of measles at Plano West High School, which greeted students returning to school, and caused the school district to ask anti-vaccinated children to stay home for their first two weeks.

For Jonathan Boos, apparently the endorsement and campaign contributions from the extremist “anti-vaxxer” group Texans for Vaccine Choice are more important than safeguarding the health and safety of Texas students.

Who will Jonathan Boos serve if elected to the Texas House?

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