Texas Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement rates go up

Texas healthcare providers are getting a bump in their Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement rates. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission will receive $11.6 billion over the next three years to help reimburse health care providers for indigent services. 

The $3.87 billion per year the state will receive is an increase from the $3.1 billion Texas received last year. The additional funds started arriving on Oct. 1 and will go to hospitals, public ambulance providers, public dental providers, and some physician clinics.

The funding increase is the result of negotiations between HHSC and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on revisions to the center’s reimbursement methodology. 

The $3.87 billion per year represents the maximum uncompensated care funding available in the program for Texas. Although, the methodologies and dollar amounts are set by the center and could be modified in the future.

Rumor Mill: George P. Bush’s stealth campaign for Lt. Gov.

Another rumor popped up in the political blogosphere this week about Texas’ favorite gossip magnet: George P. Bush. 

Since Bush first announced he was running for office, way back in the prehistory of 2012, political wags have wondered if he’d try to put his boots up on the governor’s desk.

Now, an anonymous source allegedly told Kevin Williamson from the National Review that Bush is running a stealth campaign for lieutenant governor. 

Bush’s advisor J. R. Hernandez said his boy would never cut in front of Greg Abbott or Dan Patrick to get to the head of the line. However, if either of them wants to step aside he’d be fine with taking their place. 

Bush’s name has also been floated as a replacement for Attorney General Ken Paxton. During the 2018 election, the embattled Paxton squeaked out a 50.6% to 49.7% win — whereas Bush held onto the General Land Office with an 11 point margin of victory.

All of this adds up to more speculation about G.P. Bush’s future plans than almost any Texas politician since uncle W. lived in the governor’s mansion.