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Night Of The Ragers

“Ragers,” rapper Travis Scott calls his passionate, energetic fans. In April the ragers bought all 100,000 tickets to the two days of Astroworld 2021....

How I’m Voting on Those Pesky Propositions

As I said yesterday, Texas' constitution is an antiquated mess, so often the teensiest of problems can't be fixed without a constitutional amendment put...

Opinion: Trump Wants Texas Election Audits. What Would That Cost?

Even by the wretched standards of this never-ending Texas Legislature session, Sen. Bill 47 is a stinker. Call it the Sore Loser Bill: It would allow...

The Secret Lives of Railroads

“The great truth of America,” John Oliver once said, is that “if you want to do something evil, put it inside something boring.”  Hello, Railroad...
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