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Pope Francis Calls Paxton’s Efforts To Close Migrant Shelter “Sheer Madness”

Pope Francis has called Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s attempts to shut down a charity on the border that helps migrants, “sheer madness.”

During an interview on CBS’ “60 Minutes,” Pope Francis was asked about Texas attempts to shut down Annunciation House, which has the mission of “accompanying the migrant, refugee, and economically vulnerable people of the border.”

“That is madness. Sheer madness,” The Pope said. “To close the border and leave them there, that is madness. The migrant has to be received. Thereafter you see how you are going to deal with him. Maybe you have to send him back, I don’t know, but each case ought to be considered humanely. Right?”

Paxton filed a lawsuit against Annunciation House for allegedly engaging in criminal activity by assisting migrants. Paxton argued the charity was involved in the “business of human smuggling”, operated an “illegal stash house” and that it encouraged migrants to enter the country illegally.

A state judge later blocked Paxton’s attempt to investigate the shelter, suggesting the attorney general wanted to shut it down for political reasons.

Pope Francis is the son of Italian immigrants who were fleeing from fascism in Europe, and migration is an issue that he has advocated for.

“Migration is something that makes a country grow,” Pope Francis said. “But, migrants sometimes suffer a lot. They suffer a lot.”

Catholic leaders have been at odds with the Texas government over migration and border policies. In March, Mark Seitz, a Texas bishop, called Gov. Greg Abbott “racist” over his immigration policies. He also criticized state leaders for using Christianity and migration as a way to gain more votes.

“They want to make their Christianity fit their political outlook rather than the other way around, and that concerns me,” Seitz told the National Catholic Reporter.

Seitz’s work at the border has been praised by the Pope, who described the bishop as a “great man.”

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