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“Family Values” Republicans Continue to Embrace Huge Donations From Alleged Sexual Harasser CEO

Elected officials in Texas take money from a CEO who was accused of predatory sexual behavior. Again. Who is this man, and whose campaigns is he funding?

Who is “Holly” Frost?

Holloway “Holly” Frost is the founder and CEO of Texas Memory Systems. Frost was also the central focus of a 2009 lawsuit claiming he sexually harassed and assaulted a former employee for years. Frost settled the lawsuit.* 

Where does he donate?

Records show Holloway Frost donated nearly three million dollars to candidates and advocacy groups aligned with Republicans and conservative causes. These politicians are the very same touting a pro-family agenda, all while knowingly welcoming contributions from Frost.

Campaign contribution members most notably include Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Altogether, Frost has directly donated $510,000 to Abbott in the past six years, which included a $250,000 check in the two weeks since the fundraising moratorium was lifted, while funneling more of his money through PACs. The donation to Abbott was the single largest donation Frost has given to any politician or PAC to date.

In the two weeks following the moratorium, he also signed a $50,000 check to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and $100,000 to the We Vote Texas PAC set up in May. The PAC has only received donations from Frost and his wife, Kathaleen Wall, and has spent over $9,000 on block walking in Houston last month, but it is unclear in support of whom.

To get more details on the sexual harassment and abuse lawsuit naming Frost, you can view the petition here.

Cumulative donations to various candidates and organizations from Holloway Frost. Data pulled from campaign finance records on the Texas Ethics Commission website.


Recipient Sum of Amount
Republican Party of Texas $697,054.97
Texans for Greg Abbott $510,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC $500,000.00
Texas Right To Life PAC $350,000.00
We Vote Texas PAC $100,000.00
Harris County Republican Party (CEC) $99,500.00
Texans for Dan Patrick $95,000.00
Paxton, Ken $80,000.00
Williams, Frances Dianne $64,800.00
Swanson, Valoree H. $50,000.00
Empower Texans PAC $50,000.00
Hegar, Glenn A. $37,500.00
Friends of Paul Bettencourt $30,000.00
Simpson, Paul F. $30,000.00
The Texas Conservative View $25,000.00
Wolfskill, Jill A. $20,000.00
Kolkhorst, Lois W. $15,000.00
Schofield, Michael $15,000.00
Patterson, Jerry E. $10,000.00
Friends of Becky Berger for Texas (DISSOLVED) $10,000.00
Susanna for State Representative $10,000.00
Texans for Dan Branch $10,000.00
Texans for Joan Huffman $10,000.00
Middleton, Mayes $10,000.00
Spring Branch Republicans $10,000.00
Seago, Ted $10,000.00
Houston Realty Business Coalition $7,000.00
Paxton, Angela $5,000.00
Texans for Todd Staples (DISSOLVED) $5,000.00
Hoang, Al $5,000.00
Friends of Jim Murphy $5,000.00
Marion, Sandee Bryan $5,000.00
Shaheen, Matt F. $5,000.00
Chief Justice Nathan Hecht Campaign $5,000.00
Texans for Jeff Boyd $5,000.00
Landrum, Michael $5,000.00
Dickey, James R. $5,000.00
Independent Electrical Contractors Texas Gulf $5,000.00
Texas Federation of Republican Women $5,000.00
Jeff Brown Campaign $5,000.00
Burton, Konni L. $5,000.00
Justice Phil Johnson (DISSOLVED) $5,000.00
Hall, Robert L. $5,000.00
Craddick, Christi L. $5,000.00
San Jacinto Republican Women $3,000.00
Village Republican Women $1,530.00
Coalition for Public Responsibility $1,000.00
Greater Houston Council of Federated Republican $1,000.00
Stephenson, Phyllip Wayne $500.00
Angleton Republican Women’s PAC Fund $300.00
Texas Federation of Republican Women PAC $128.00
Grand Total $2,948,312.97


Written by RA News staff.

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