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Airline Passengers Headed to Austin Save a Man’s Life Mid-flight

ICU nurse Megan Sconzert jumped into action after a flight attendant found an unconscious man in the row ahead of her. Other medical professionals assisted, administering rescue breathing and Narcan – a drug used to reverse opioid overdoses – as a precaution.

“Too much Narcan isn’t going to do anything bad, per se, but definitely not enough Narcan will definitely be a lot worse,” Sconzert said.

They searched the man’s belongings for any indication of preexisting health issues. He had various medications as well as unknown pills in his bags. 

The flight made an emergency landing in New Orleans and was met on the runway by an ambulance.

A family member told KXAN a doctor had prescribed all the man’s medication, and that ER tests indicated he was suffering from an infection.

The remaining passengers landed in Austin before midnight.

“We wouldn’t have been successful in stabilizing this patient without the teamwork,” Sconzert said. “I am eternally grateful that so many medical [personnel] were on this flight and sitting in such close proximity.” 

Sconzert was only seated behind the man because she upgraded her seat on her way to the airport.

The man’s family member said they are extremely thankful to everyone on the flight, adding “if those people didn’t step up, he might not have been OK.”

Written by RA News staff.


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