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Legacy In Limbo: Spring Branch Board Contemplates Erasing Klussmann’s Name

Spring Branch Independent School District’s (SBISD) Board of Trustees faces mounting criticism and community outrage over plans to potentially remove the former Superintendent, Dr. Duncan F. Klussmann’s name from a building that was named in his honor a few years ago.

This development follows a recent op-ed by Klussmann in the Houston Chronicle, where he criticized the district’s decisions, including the elimination of school librarians, counselor positions, the closure of the SKY Partnership, and the shutdown of early childhood centers and elementary schools.

“What’s changed? It’s the board,” Klussmann wrote in his Op-Ed. “Until recently, Spring Branch had a very representative board of trustees. For decades, the community always resisted electing single-issue candidates, instead electing community leaders who had dedicated years of service to the school system.”

Klussmann also called out the board for being heavily influenced by outside money, claiming the new elected school board members are focused narrowly on social and political issues “while ignoring the needs of the majority of the district’s students and the wants of the community.”

The controversial decisions made by the current school board are a direct response to financial challenges faced by Spring Branch. SBISD, amongst many other school districts, are currently drowning in budget deficits partially stemming from Governor Greg Abbott’s refusal to fund schools due to his ongoing voucher fight.

The upcoming board meeting on Monday will undoubtedly be closely watched by the community. The announcement to potentially remove his name from the building has triggered a planned protest by dozens of parents and concerned community members during Monday’s board workshop, according to insider sources.

The Education Center was renamed less than two years ago to “permanently recognize” Klussmann, recognizing his significant impact on the district during his tenure as Superintendent from 2004 to 2015. The renaming aimed to commemorate Klussmann’s exemplary fiscal management of the 2007 bond and other notable achievements.

Written by RA News staff.


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