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Pastors Take On Voucher Vultures In Pub Ed Fight 

Pastors for Children, a coalition of pastors from nine states held their first national conference in Orlando, dedicated to reaffirming their collective fight against efforts to privatize education across the United States.

The event, organized by Baptist News Global, featured workshops and speakers who provided historical and political context to the ongoing efforts aimed at undermining universal public education.

According to Baptist News Global, Suzanne Parker Miller, an executive director of Pastors for North Carolina Children, expressed solidarity in the face of challenges to public education, stating, “It’s inspiring to know the fight we’re facing in North Carolina is happening nationwide, and I’m not standing alone against the forces that want to destroy public education.”

States like Florida, Texas, Indiana, and North Carolina are witnessing aggressive moves toward privatization through voucher and charter school initiatives. While other states, like Indiana and Oklahoma, are looking to expand their voucher programs, Texas House lawmakers have been successful in their efforts to block all voucher-like legislation.

In light of this, Gov. Greg Abbott took the battle to the primary elections and helped defeat nine anti-voucher Republican House members. Public education advocates warn of the upcoming battle.

Despite the challenges, the coalition remains steadfast in its commitment to defend public education. According to Baptist News Global, Rachel Shapard, co-founder of Pastors for Florida Children, highlighted the strength found in unity, stating, “Each one of us has our strengths, and it’s only when we come together that we can affect transformation.”With plans to expand their efforts, the coalition aims to mobilize pastors and allies nationwide in the fight to safeguard public schools, hoping to eventually host a much larger gathering for all allies. 

Written by RA News staff.


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