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Texas Scorecard’s Michael Quinn Sullivan Throws Teachers Under The Bus

Michael Quinn Sullivan insulted 320,000 Texas teachers in a Saturday tweet, “A reminder that ‘public education’ is a babysitting service offered at the convenience of the government employees. Public education in Texas is about employing otherwise unemployable adults, not educating kids.”

Sullivan is an outspoken critic of vaccine requirements and material labeled as propagating “critical race theory.” His Texas Scorecard originated as a publication called Empower Texans. Empower Texans received billions in donations from a small group and has pushed the state GOP further to the right over time, according to The Dallas Morning News.

GOP lawmakers followed up on Sullivan’s tweet, telling educators and their local districts that “we appreciate you and we’ve got your backs.”  However, recent state legislation points in another direction.

Teachers quickly found a place on the pandemic’s front line and have faced uncertainty from that point onward. They had little to no say regarding decisions on mask and vaccine mandates and are doing what they can to help students during a mental health crisis.

Their numbers are constantly thinning, and considering recent events, even more are expected to leave by May.

Written by RA News staff.


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