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4 Rare Places To Go Get Jabbed

Since the arrival of COVID-19, we have needed to embrace a handful of new things, from the more easy-going accessories like face masks and hand sanitizer to some less popular activities like getting your nose invaded by a cotton swab or your arm jabbed by a forceful nurse. 

However you look at it, the pandemic has been hard and not filled with the greatest memories, but at least we can smile a little while checking out these rare vaccination sites, courtesy of Mashable’s article on vaccination sites. 

  1. At Dracula’s castle 

Transylvania’s Bran Castle is a national monument and landmark, known to tourists as “Dracula’s castle.” It has been associated with Stoker’s vampire Count Dracula because it is thought to have hosted the infamous Prince Vlad “the Impaler”, on whom Dracula was based.

Here you can get boosters instead of bites.

  1. At the American Museum of Natural History 

Your new role model can be the Blue Whale at New York’s American Museum of Natural History, who got her vaccine first – as you can see from the band-aid on her left “shoulder.”

  1. At a theme park 

Getting a vaccine is probably not the reason you wanted to find yourself at the happiest place on earth, but hey, at least you will leave healthier than when you came in.

Apart from Disney, other parks like Six Flags, also held vaccination sites before reopening their doors.

  1. In da’ club

    Boogie yourself down to the club, but instead of getting wasted, why not get boostered?

    People have reported getting their shots in every type of club, even strip clubs. 
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