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George P. Bush, A Close Ally of Donald Trump

While many prominent members of the Bush family have marked their distance from Donald Trump, it seems like the Texas Land Commissioner is a close ally and friend of the former president.

According to Trump’s close advisors, Trump says George P. is “the only Bush who got it right” and even has a pet name for him, “My Bush”.

A surprising piece of information, considering the blad blood between Tump and the Bush family

during 2016’s presidential primaries. Back when Trump was allowed on Twitter, he went after George P.’ mother, sending out a vicious tweet saying that Jeb Bush, George P.’s father, had to “like the Mexican Illegals because of his wife,” referring to Columba Bush, who was born in Mexico and is an American citizen.

Politico recently reported that Trump “really enjoys the prospect of knowing how much it kills Jeb that his son has to bend the knee and kiss the ring.” 

The relationship between the two of them has never been a secret, Bush has never publicly bad-mouthed Trump and he even endorsed his reelection campaign. It was last week when George P. tweeted a picture of himself and thanked Trump for his “encouragement and support” while discussing the future of Texas.

Currently, George P. is considering running for Texas Attorney General, challenging Ken Paxton, a strong figure between MAGA supporters and an outspoken ally of Trump.

“If you live in Texas and you have political aspirations, that’s part of the game plan. I don’t see how he can avoid it and be successful in Texas … He doesn’t want the Trump base to look at him skeptically,” said Al Cardenas, an anti-Trump Republican and close friend to Jeb Bush who once served as the Republican Party of Florida chair.

RA Staff
RA Staff
Written by RA News staff.


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