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Is Abbott auditioning to be Trump’s VP?

Governor Greg Abbott’s way of handling things lately makes It seem as if former President Donald Trump had never actually left.

An avid follower of Trump’s playbook, Abbott has been closely following every instruction. From wall-building -through a $250 million down payment from the state budget- and repeated crowdfunding schemes, to exceeding their constitutional powers.

The line between both of them is so blurry, it is not quite clear whether Abbott is working for Texan priorities or for Trump’s.

A few weeks ago, Governor Abbott declared immigration through the border as a disaster, a move that grants him emergency powers to stretch state laws and regulations with the purpose of allocating resources to the declared disaster.

This precise declaration allowed him to reallocate the $250 million down payment for his wall project.

In a statement, State Rep. John Turner said Abbott’s use of a disaster declaration to reallocate legislatively appropriated funds to a project from his office stretches the concept of emergency authority “to its breaking point.”

On this same line, also stretching it to a breaking point was Trump’s national emergency declaration at the border in 2019, as he sought to fulfill a campaign promise to build a wall, similarly saying that the emergency declaration was needed to stop illegal drug trafficking, human trafficking, and gang violence.

The fact that Abbott is overstepping his boundaries in an effort to follow Trump’s footsteps has people wondering if he is actually putting Texas first, or if these actions will grant him some sort of vice-presidential golden ticket.

“Greg Abbott is a fighter and a Great Governor for the incredible people of Texas. No Governor has done more to secure the Border and keep our communities safe than Governor Abbott,” Said Donald Trump in his endorsement for Abbott.

When asked about Trump’s incitement of resurrection to the Capitol, Abbott said the pro-Trump rioters, not the president himself, are to blame for what happened. “Listen, all the political machinations in Washington, D.C. about the last few days of his presidency are nothing more than political machinations,” Abbott said.

One thing is certain, the constant mimicking, the repeated speech, the border and fraud obsessions, and their endorsements towards one another -even during riot incitements – have been raising questions on the type of relationship they are building.

Texans are now left to wonder… perhaps the type of relationship required among a President and his VP?

Written by RA News staff.


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