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‘Is Rick Perry A Threat?’: The Governor Sure Thinks So, Abbott Makes $20 Million Pitch

Since Rick Perry filed for the March Primary election – No, not Rick Perry, the former governor, but rather Ricky Lynn Perry, a desktop technician from Springtown – Gov. Greg Abbott has been carefully planning his next campaign move. 

The night before Christmas, Abbott announced a new fundraising weapon for a re-election race in 2022. According to Capitol Inside, the Governor has been telling donors that he is going to have to spend $20 million or more now that Rick Perry is in the picture. 

Even though the Rick Perry who is challenging Abbott isn’t his predecessor – the longest-serving Governor in Texas history – the Governor is still in the position to cash in on his contributors to clear up the confusion among the party’s newer and less informed voters who might not realize the Rick Perry who is on the ballot isn’t exactly the famous one. 

Abbott’s big contributors might agree that it will cost more to run against Rick Perry than it did when former Texas Senate member Allen West was his only well-known primary rival. 

It appears Perry, the last-second contender is more likely a prank by the right-wing aimed at throwing the race in disarray. 

RA Staff
RA Staff
Written by RA News staff.


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