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Thanksgiving Politics: How to Avoid Arguing

Thanksgiving politics. Is there a way to enjoy a day full of food, football, and fellowship without ferocious political arguments that threaten to turn the feast into a food fight?

Your uncle is bringing CBD infused cranberry sauce, your grandma still wants Obama’s birth certificate, and your vegan cousin is trying to get people to storm Area 51 on his Twitch stream.

Maybe Thanksgiving politics isn’t the best table talk. So how do you avoid political arguments this Thanksgiving? Don’t worry.

Reform Austin has you covered. 

Deflect and Redirect

People love to talk about themselves. So if grandma starts to ask you about the impeachment hearings, have a go-to phrase, like:

“I did hear about that, but I’ve been wondering, how is your [dog, gardening project, bad knee]?”

Help (or hide) in the Kitchen

For relatives that are being serious jerks, or conversations you just can’t diffuse, get out of the room. Take a breather and see if you can lend a hand in the kitchen or take a walk outside. 

Make Sure There’s Always Something in Your Mouth

Your family can’t engage you in an argument if you’re too busy stuffing your face with turkey.

Bring Board Games

Nothing starts an argument like a game of Monopoly. Come prepared with board games. This way you can argue over the rent you owe your cousin who has hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place instead of over politics.

Or, if you think that chasing the elusive dream of owning property only to have all your plans ruined by a random roll of the dice hits a little too close to home, you could play something fun.

Be That Guy (or Girl) and Bring a Guitar

Or any instrument, for that matter. It’s hard for someone to argue with you about Texas turning purple when you’re singing “Wonderwall.” Although people might want to argue with you because you are singing “Wonderwall.”

Baby Yoda / Cute Puppies and Kittens

Have pictures of these adorable and tiny things ready to go, because who can be angry when looking at a picture of baby Yoda?

“Ok, Boomer”

A last resort. If you don’t have the energy to explain yourself to your aunt for the millionth time, hit her with an “Ok, Boomer.” 

Talk About Policy, Not People

If political conversation is unavoidable, talk about the issues, not politicians. Remember, agree to disagree.

See What Reform Austin Has to Say

Try searching for a keyword or topic on our website for non-partisan information. If it’s not there, email us at so we can make sure you’re not in the same predicament next year. 

Written by RA News staff.
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