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Voucher Vendetta: Abbott’s Campaign Throws Shade On Clardy’s Endorsement Claims

According to a recent report from the Daily Sentinel, the political landscape in Texas is witnessing tension as Governor Greg Abbott’s campaign accuses Rep. Travis Clardy, R-Nacogdoches, of falsely claiming an endorsement.

According to Abbott’s cease and desist letter, Clardy’s website incorrectly features an endorsement from the Governor. Abbott had publicly endorsed Clardy’s challenger, Joanne Shofner.

“It is unfortunate that you would misrepresent Gov. Abbott’s position on your race on your website, which serves only to confuse voters about who is the actual conservative candidate in the race. Which begs the question, what other matters have you tried to confuse voters on?” a portion of the letter from Abbott’s campaign manager Kim Snyder reads.

Clardy, however, contends that his website accurately reflects past endorsements from Abbott, which were seemingly removed by the campaign but later reinstated. Similar accusations were directed at State Rep. Drew Darby, R-San Angelo, who, along with Clardy, is labeled as “not a true conservative” by Abbott’s campaign.

The endorsements which Abbott is complaining about, are also archived on the governor’s website and social media accounts, according to The Daily Sentinel

“It’s historically accurate. I didn’t make that up. He sent that to me,” Clardy said on Wednesday of the prior endorsements.

The ongoing dispute is part of a broader rift stemming from last year’s legislative sessions, where House Republicans, including Clardy and Darby, opposed Abbott’s push for school vouchers. The School Freedom Fund, a pro-voucher group, is investing heavily in TV ads targeting incumbents, funded primarily by Pennsylvania billionaire Jeff Yass, who also gave Abbott $6 million for his voucher fight.

Abbott, aligning with pro-voucher sentiments, is expected to campaign for Shofner, adding further intensity to the already heated primary race.

RA Staff
RA Staff
Written by RA News staff.


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