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New Don’t Mess with Texas Campaign Focuses on Discarded PPE

The pandemic has come with litter. Face masks in gutters, gloves left in grass at the side of the road, and discarded personal protection equipment left in parking lots have been ending up in greenways and waterways across Texas. 

Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey and country music legend George Strait are tackling the litter problem by teaming up with the Texas Department of Transportation for a new Don’t Mess With Texas campaign.

“Don’t Mess With Texas means we’ve all gotta step up” says McConaughey in the spot.

“Texas. Where our pride, strength and unity keeps our spirits high … we’ve got to step up and do our part and walk the walk, do our part to keep Texas clean and safe … don’t mess with Texas means don’t litter,” says George Strait.

The anti-littering series involves other Texas celebrities, too. They include actress, activist and philanthropist Eva Longoria, businessman and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, actor and producer Marsai Martin, singer Ally Brooke and social media personality Brittany Broski

The ads are airing on TV networks, cable channels and digital platforms.

“PPE litter is really dangerous for animals, too,” said Becky Ozuna, program administrator for the campaign. “When you’re done with your masks, gloves and wipes, do the right thing and dispose of them properly. This simple action helps keep Texas clean and safe.”

Need a reusable and washable mask? You can purchase “Don’t mess with Texas” cloth face masks at

And remember that it is illegal to litter in Texas. If you are caught littering, you can face a fine of $500. If the litter weighs more than five pounds, we’re talking about a fine that can increase up to $2,000.

Written by RA News staff.


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