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Council Member Gallegos Calls Gary Gates a Slumlord During Council Budget Discussion

Council Member Robert Gallegos had some harsh words to say about Rep. Gary Gates during a council budget meeting yesterday.

The meeting was discussing several issues, including that involving slumlords. Gallegos took the opportunity to call out one of the slumlords in his district, Rep. Gates 

Gates owns two apartment complexes in Gallegos’ district and both of those buildings were recently crime scenes. Four individuals were shot and killed in two different incidents. Both of them happened in broad daylight.

News outlets, social media, and residents of the area have also called out Gates on this subject.

Gallegos has asked Gates to improve the state of his properties but he has done nothing of the such.

Back in march Gates even had the audacity to file a bill that would’ve protected residential building owners from having to bring their vacant buildings up to code.

RA Staff
RA Staff
Written by RA News staff.


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