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Two Men Killed After Being Boxed in at Houston Apartment Complex Owned by Rep. Gary Gates

According to ABC 13, two men were shot to death after being boxed in by four other cars outside an apartment complex in Southeast Houston. The apartment complex and two others on the same street are owned by Rep. Gary Gates.

Gates who is well known for owning apartment complexes where violence, drugs, and prostitution are commonplace, as well as refuses to bring his properties up to code, recently made headlines when he filed a bill targeting management districts according to the Houston Chronicle.

The apartment complex in SE Houston where the two men were shot to death on Friday falls squarely within one of the management districts that Gates is targeting—Hobby Area Management District.

In addition to targeting Southeast Houston, Gates started a petition to disband the Southwest Management District where he owns $26.4 million worth of apartment units. The bill that Gates filed, HB 1219, was voted out of the House Committee on Urban Affairs late last week.

Hours before the shooting at his apartment complex, Gates tweeted out the following in support of constitutional carry, “Texans are one step closer to having the ability to carry handguns without a license to carry. After nearly 6 hours HB 1927 passes on the House floor, I’m proud to have supported this bill.”

A string of shootings have followed including the killing of 8 people in Indianapolis, and 3 people killed in Austin over the weekend.

HB 1219 drew the ire of Houston City Council Member Robert Gallegos who wrote a letter to the Urban Affairs Committee in opposition to the bill saying, “This bill appears to be motivated by Gatesco, Inc. a residential property management company with several properties in the Hobby Area Management District…this bill if passed will provide a personal benefit to a few at the expense of the greater community…”

Gates is using his elected position to benefit himself financially, allowing violence, drugs, and other illegal activities to take place at properties he owns, and using his public office to attack the very entities that are trying to hold him accountable.

But what can you expect from someone who flees his constituents on his own private jet during Winter Storm Uri?

Written by RA News staff.


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