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Texas Takes The Culinary Spotlight: Three Lone Star State Restaurants Among Top 10 In The U.S.

Three Texas restaurants are among the top 10 restaurants in the U.S. according to a ranking made by Rob Report. Texas is the only state to have three restaurants in the top ten.

The three restaurants in the list are Jūn by Kin in Houston at number 10, Navy Blue in Houston at number 3 and Este in Austin at number 2. Pretty high places on the list.

Also, Fermín Nuñez, Este’s chef, ranked as chef of the year on that same list. Robb Report highlights his use of traditional methods of cooking Mexican food such as nixtamalizing corn to create fresh masa. Also, he is the chef of the year for his approach, driven more by ingredients than by technique.

Jūn by Kin is a Fusion restaurant that combines Mexican and Salvadorian food with Chinese American Food. The report says that most fusion always brings strange and forced combinations, but this restaurant does the fusion naturally and successfully.

Navy Blue focuses on New American Food that is influenced by the Gulf’s seafood while using French techniques. This restaurant is in this position because “from the food to the service, you’re expertly taken care of for the night.”

Finally, Este is a restaurant that serves south Mexican food, specially the coastal cuisine found in the states of Oaxaca, Yucatán, and Veracruz. The restaurant offers “gorgeous seafood towers, tuna carnitas cooked in lard, masa-battered fish tacos, and pan-seared trout covered in a slightly spicy sesame a pulla chile crema, as well as a large selection of seafood grilled over charcoal.”

The report also highlights the tortillas made by Nuñez, “Pair many of these dishes with some of the best tortillas you’ll find anywhere, and you’ll agree that Nuñez is one of America’s foremost practitioners of modern Mexican cuisine.”

No matter if you live in Houston or if you live in Austin, you can have one of the best culinary experiences in the U.S.

Written by RA News staff.


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