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Amarillo To Vote On Controversial Abortion Travel Ban

In November, Amarillo residents will vote on an abortion travel ban ordinance that would design the city as a “Sanctuary for the Unborn.”

According to the Texas Tribune, supporters of the abortion travel ban gathered 6,300 verified signatures to petition for the ordinance to be placed on the November 5 ballot. This move came after the Amarillo City Council rejected the proposal last month, adhering to local procedural rules that allow citizens to petition for a ballot measure if the council does not approve it.

An abortion travel ban is a law designed to restrict the use of local infrastructure to facilitate out-of-state abortions. Specifically, it aims to prevent individuals from using city roads and highways to travel for the purpose of obtaining an abortion in another state. This type of measure also seeks to penalize anyone who assists in the process, such as by providing transportation or financial support. Enforcement is typically carried out through private lawsuits rather than by the state.

It is important to note that the measure does not propose punishing pregnant women who obtain abortions outside of Texas.

Amarillo Mayor Cole Stanley confirmed that the request to add the ordinance to the ballot will be on the agenda for the council’s next meeting on July 9.

“The people will speak and we will hear what they want,” Amarillo City Council member Tom Scherlen said. “Through our process, we will see which side wins.”

“When it gets down to it, we live in a democratic society where the vote does count,” he added.

Critics have argued that such an ordinance would violate the constitution and that is an infringement on personal liberties and freedom of movement. 

“We are deeply disappointed that the misguided initiating committee has chosen to ignore the majority of Amarillo citizens and our duly elected representatives by placing this unconstitutional ban on the ballot,” said the Amarillo Reproductive Freedom Alliance, a group advocating for abortion rights.

RA Staff
RA Staff
Written by RA News staff.


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