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Odessa, Texas Left Without Water

Communities start to panic as the whole of Odessa city is left with no access to water. Around 165,000 people living there are struggling to continue their daily activities.

Odessa police authorities are desperately trying to cover the demand, delivering water bottles to civilians. To make it worse, the city is also out of power with 100-degree heat. Since the main water burst on Tuesday, emergency crews are still struggling to repair it.

Authorities have set up emergency water providers for people to get in long lines to get water bottles. They also warned anyone that still has access to running water to boil it before they actually drink it to prevent any diseases from bacteria, since they cannot know the quality of the water.

Schools, hospitals, and businesses had to close down due to the urgency of the current situation. Medical Center Hospital had to cancel all their planned surgeries and even shut down for all-day emergencies.

It goes without saying that it can be catastrophic for many who may suffer an accident and not be able to receive the needed medical attention. The hospital also had to implement Port-a-Potties since none of the bathrooms in the building weren’t working. 

Governor of the state Greg Abbott has stated on his social media that they are supporting Odessa by sending Texas Division of Emergency teams to help handle the situation. 

Emergencies of this magnitude are not new for Texas. This reminds many of the massive power outages caused by a winter storm in February of 2021.

Written by RA News staff.


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