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5 Beaches In Texas You Have To Visit This Summer

Summer has arrived along with the hot and long days. With the temperatures rising in the cities, maybe it’s time to plan a beach day. 

1 Galveston

‘Galveston, oh, Galveston, I still hear your sea winds blowing I still see her dark eyes glowing,” says the song of the celebrated songwriter and performer Glen Campbell. Located an hour south of Houston, this is probably the most popular town beach in Texas. Art, food, culture, and entertainment are some of the things that Galveston has to offer. It also has amusement parks and museums such as The Bryan Museum and Galveston Railroad Museum. It’s very crowded on the weekends and if you are looking for a relaxing beach spot, this may not be it.

2 Boca Chica

This laid black beach is located in Northern Mexico. The ambiance is familiar and quiet, perfect for bringing a book or laying on the sand. Boca Chica differs from other Texas beaches because of the village’s lack of activities. Although this is a benefit for some: it’s not usually crowded and fits best to do fishing, swimming, surfing, and snorkeling, according to the website Upgrade Points. The sunsets in Boca Chica are long and colorful in the summer.

3 Padre Island National Seashore 

Fun fact: Padre Island is the longest undeveloped barrier island in the world, according to Upgrade Points. This Texan beach stands out from the others because of the crossing dunes and sandy landscapes. Padre Island National Seashore is also a park recognized for its wild nature, it covers more than 66 miles of seashore and the Laguna Madre. It has more than 380 bird species and it’s a safe nest for the Kemp’s ridley sea turtle. If you are looking to connect with nature, this is the place. 

4 South Padre Island

Food Courts, various affordable accommodations, a turtle rehabilitation center… South Padre Island is one of the most touristic beaches in Texas according to USN News. Once it was a Spring Break destination. It has amazing views of the Gulf of Mexico and a very busy nightlife. South Padre Island is located in southern Texas, near Aransas bay. 

5 Mustang Island

This is the perfect location for families and campers. White sand and clear skies are everyday things. The best attraction of this place is the Mustang Island State Park Paddling Trail, a 20-mile series of shallow-water canals that you can move through paddle, kayak, or canoe. Located east of Corpus Christi.

Written by RA News staff.


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