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Bruno, Texas Latest Star

Meet Bruno, Houston’s hottest TikTok celebrity. 

Bruno is a charismatic yellow-naped Amazon parrot and for the last six months, he has turned into a star, with his funny videos reaching around 19 million views.

The funny parrot is owned by “Jhono” Manjarrez, a 22-year-old Houstonian who uploads Bruno’s videos into his Tik Tok account, @jhono.official. The account has over 1 million followers already.

Jhono thinks Bruno’s success is due to the fact that his accent reminds people of home, “Now, not only does he speak Spanish, but he also sounds like a grandma or like a mom with (a characteristic) Hispanic mom accent.” Additionally, Bruno speaks full sentences, making the bird even more amusing.

Some of Bruno’s funnier one-liners include “¿Vas a comer?” (Are you going to eat?), “Donde esta Bruno?” (Where is Bruno?) and “cansado” (tired).

Written by RA News staff.


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