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‘I Quit’ Is Becoming Texas’ New Anthem

Not-so-shocking news: the pandemic has impacted the Texas working force. According to new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Texas won runner-up for the quitter capital of the U.S. 

In September, a total of 439,000 Texas workers gave their notice that month, that is 14,633 Texans quitting per day.  That is just behind California who had 443,000 people saying “I quit”, as reported by KVUE

Texas also had the largest drop in job openings, going from 887,00 in August to 807,000 in September.  

Why the sudden drop? 

Here are some hypothesis that KVUE reported: 

  • Take advantage of unemployment
  • Workers got on by less during the pandemic and decided they could quit 
  • Decided to stay home with kids 
  • Early Retirement 
  • Entrepreneurs 
Written by RA News staff.


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