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Tips on How to Live Your Best Working From Home Life

The coronavirus has shifted many people toward working from home. The possibility existed before, but if this change to working from your kitchen, dining room table or on the couch feels more like a shake-up, these three tips may help.

Setting Up Your Workspace

If you have enjoyed working at your current workspace and now need to create a makeshift desk, consider your work style. You may be downsizing your workspace, or you may need more space than you anticipated. And remember to think about comfort, electrical outlets and setting up in a place that is quiet enough to focus, but doesn’t feel like you are closed in and isolated. 

It could be time to try a stand-up desk, but it doesn’t have to be fancy. 

Function is the way to go. How is the light in the room? If you are comfortable in your chair or have the freedom to stretch, you will accomplish more. 

What to Wear

Don’t do the Ron Burgundy-esque business on top and underwear on the bottom — especially if you have to video chat with co-workers or clients. There are comfortable, chic options such as tracksuit pants, a fashion article in the Guardian advises. 

Putting on clothes you would normally wear to the office can be a sign of respect for your work and can set a mood to stay focused. 

Besides maintaining a professional demeanor for oneself, clothing sends a message to others. If you have a family or live with someone or even just wave to a neighbor, professional clothes send the message that you are working and probably should not be interrupted, according to an article on LADDERS.

So grab your statement earrings and click “present” during your Google Meet video so you can check in with your team. 

Set a Schedule for Yourself

Before your first morning meeting, make your coffee, do your normal morning routine, and write a list of everything you need to accomplish on that day. 

Depending on your previous work environment, being remote can mean connecting with your team in a new way, virtually. This can mean either your morning meeting may be light and allow you to connect with your coworkers for a minute before diving into the daily plan, or it might not be as socially interactive as you may have hoped. 

You might need to suggest more check-ins or have a few gentle jokes thrown in to feel comfortable in this new remote reality.  This change may take time for everyone to maintain a rhythm through connecting virtually. 

Giving yourself goals, such as hourly deadlines or creating a morning plan and afternoon plan, can help you stay motivated while you maneuver into a new work normal. 

If you are having issues with your chat tools or other technology, tell your employer immediately to resolve them quickly.

Some things that can keep you upbeat if you are feeling lonely are music and allowing yourself some breaks, whether it’s a walk around the living room or sitting in some natural light. 

To not lose the pace of your day, try to do the same things you do in your normal workspace. If you took an afternoon walk and can’t go outside, take a break by walking around your home or reading a book or doing a fitness activity for the same amount of time. Then you can feel fresh again when you get back to your home workspace

Working from home well takes a self-starting attitude and mindset. Avoid the isolation blues by getting active socially and emailing, calling and using chat tools. Connect and be proactive by checking in on your friends and colleagues who are going through the same thing, a longtime freelancer advises in a New York Times article.

Written by RA News staff.


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