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Is Abbott VP-Bound Or Keeping It Lone Star?

Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s recent actions hint at a potential interest in the Vice Presidency, possibly alongside Donald Trump.

An avid follower of Trump’s playbook, Abbott has been closely following every instruction. From immigration to crime, the line between both of them is so blurry, it is not quite clear whether Abbott is working for Texan priorities or Trump’s.

Trump’s frequent mentions of Abbott at rallies and on the campaign trail, coupled with Abbott’s behavior, which The Houston Chronicle described as “an unofficial Trump surrogate,” have fueled speculation about a potential vice presidential bid.

“Greg Abbott is a fighter and a Great Governor for the incredible people of Texas. No Governor has done more to secure the Border and keep our communities safe than Governor Abbott,” said Donald Trump in his endorsement for Abbott.

Joel Goldstein, a St. Louis University scholar who has written books on the selection of vice presidents in American history, told The Houston Chronicle that Abbott’s aggressive stance on border security is clearly driving the conversation about him being a possible VP.

On the other hand, Abbott’s stance on Texas’s abortion laws, contrasts with Trump’s stated position supporting exceptions for rape and incest. Posing challenges for Abbott’s viability as a vice presidential nominee, especially as Trump tries to soften his approach on the abortion issue.

In a recent NBC News appearance, Abbott openly supported Trump’s reelection after Trump won the state’s presidential primary. This led NBC’s anchors to directly ask the governor if he wanted to be Trump’s running mate. Abbott responded graciously, stating that it was kind of Trump to mention him in that context but reaffirming his intention to remain in Texas.

“I’ve already announced I’m running for reelection and that truly is my focus,” Abbott said of his next campaign in 2026.

Goldstein believes that regardless of whether Abbott ultimately becomes Trump’s running mate, his inclusion in the conversation underscores his rising national profile. By being considered for the vice presidency, Abbott is positioning himself for a potential future presidential run, leveraging his current role as governor and his alignment with Trump’s policies to elevate his political stature.“If people think of you as not just gubernatorial material, but in a vice president or presidential context it elevates you,” he said.

One thing is certain, the constant mimicking, the repeated speech, the border and fraud obsessions, and their endorsements towards one another, have been raising questions on the type of relationship they are building.

Texans are now left to wonder… perhaps this is the type of relationship required among a President and his VP?

Written by RA News staff.


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