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Potential Supreme Court Decision On Idaho Emergency Abortions May Influence Texas Ban

The US Supreme Court is poised to permit emergency abortions in Idaho, according to a Blooberg report. This decision could have significant implications for states with strict abortion bans like Texas. 

According to Bloomberg, a draft opinion briefly posted on the Supreme Court’s website indicates a majority of justices plan to dismiss the case as “improvidently granted.” This move would reinstate a lower court’s order, allowing Idaho hospitals to perform abortions in cases where a woman’s health is endangered. Currently, Idaho law only permits abortions when a woman’s life is at imminent risk.

This decision, while directly impacting Idaho, could influence legal interpretations and enforcement of abortion laws in other states, including Texas. The Supreme Court’s dismissal means litigation on this issue will continue at lower courts, potentially setting precedents that challenge the most restrictive abortion laws.

If emergency abortions are permitted under federal law, states like Texas might be compelled to adjust their laws to avoid conflicts with federal mandates and subsequent lawsuits.

Texas, known for its rigorous abortion restrictions, allows the procedure only when a woman’s life is in grave danger. However, critics have long argued that Texas law is not clear about when a doctor can provide an abortion for a pregnant person.

The copy obtained by Bloomberg may not be the final ruling, and it could be changed.

In the copy, the justices vote 6-3 to dismiss the case, with conservative Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch joining the dissent.

RA Staff
RA Staff
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