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Why Are We Texans Not Outraged?

Governor Abbott is Immoral, Acting Illegally, and Violating the U.S. Constitution

State Leaders Praise Him Instead of Impeach Him 

On January 5, 2024, Governor Abbott said the following on the Dana Loesch radio show: 
“The only thing that we’re not doing is we’re not shooting people who come across the border, because of course the Biden administration would charge us with murder.”

The “because” was NOT:

  1. That killing people of any type and kind would be against my moral principles,
  2. That human lives are inherently valuable, or
  3.  That to kill another human being is a wrong beyond no others.

No, Governor Abbott simply did not desire to be charged with murder by the U.S Attorney General. So, he had absolutely no concern for the well-being of the humans, many of them children, who were crossing the border, yes, illegally, but because their home country could not protect their lives or give them a valuable life.

Immigration is not simply a problem for the United States, it is a problem for the entire world as to displaced persons and families who intentionally give up their true home and country only because life there is intolerable. There is no question our immigration policy is simply a bi-partisan mess, but the United Nations Charter has forever stated that all countries must:

Reaffirm their faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person…

Ignore that says Abbott. I just do not want to be arrested and convicted of murder for killing these beings illegally crossing our border…because my life is too valuable for that!

Moral behavior is defined by Merriam Webster Dictionary (2024) as “of or relating to principles of right or wrong behavior: being ethical,” and it likewise defines immortality as one who acts or speaks “conflicting with general and traditionally held moral principles.”

Do we Texans firmly believe it is moral behavior for our government to kill human beings for simply illegally crossing our border? How about erecting concertina, razor sharp wire across the border to severely injure and kill these persons? Welcome to Texas!

Greg Abbott is not our Governor, but our state-supported butcher! Are we not crazy to remain silent?

So, why should we be surprised that the Governor takes the next step and officially declares that we are under “invasion” by none other than the President of the United States and the U.S. Supreme Court!! That everyone who has read our Constitution for hundreds of years did not realize that during this type of invasion, Texas law is the Supreme Law of the Land and supersedes any federal statutes to the contrary?

Will we wake up tomorrow and be so glad to hear that this was actually a very imbecilic, thoughtless “B” movie?

Actually not, and it is all true. A Governor who is totally out of control and believes the only laws to be respected are those that benefit his agenda. Does that sound like nothing but treasonous behavior by completely rejecting the use of negotiation and litigation to solve our problems in the United States? Oh, he must reject acting like a mature leader who wants to work for the public good. 

If we, the citizens of Texas, remain silent when the leader of our government, speaking in his official capacity, demonstrates such immoral and illegal behavior, are we not as guilty as him in establishing that not all human beings are of equal worth, and therefore, some are in fact disposable? 

The Rule of Law stands for the proposition that we and our government must obey the law until we are able to change it by lawful means which will also demand compromise resulting in more balanced laws. If you applaud Abbott for what he has done during this immigration squabble, how about when he uses the same tactics to ignore the law that benefits you?

Should we not all speak up and demand that Governor Abbott fully and completely acknowledge such acts are morally and legally wrong, should not be tolerated, and he must stand down and publicly apologize for such grievous statements and actions? We are proud Texans, humans that is, and our Governor should not make us ashamed. 

Ron Beal
Ron Beal
Ron Beal, Professor of Law at Baylor Law School, has taught, practiced and written on Texas Administrative Law for 37 years. He has written a two-volume treatise, Texas Administrative Practice and Procedure (Lexis, 23rd ed. 2020) and 17 law review articles that have been routinely cited by the Texas Supreme Court and Austin Court of Appeals as an authoritative source.


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