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Jonathan Boos' platform won't keep Texas children safe

August marks the end of summer and the beginning of school.
Typically, a time of year that is filled with excitement for what’s to come. However, still weighing heavily on the mind of parents are the horrific events of Santa Fe High School that left 10 children dead. Parents are now worried for the safety of their children and faced with the harsh reality that is up to them to inform their children about safety as they wonder what candidates running for office will do to protect children.
Jonathan Boos, a candidate running for Texas House District 113 just east of Dallas, wants to improve education. Boos’ current stance on issues may increase the risk of violence at school however. As his campaign page states, Boos is looking at:

  • “Reducing and eventually eliminating the requirement for law abiding citizens to obtain a permit from the government in order to exercise their Second Amendment rights;”
  • “Phasing out and eventually eliminating ‘gun-free zones’;
  • “Reducing current fees to obtain a carry permit; and
  • “Ensuring that merely exercising one’s Second Amendment rights is not probable cause for a law enforcement officer to detain an individual”

School safety is becoming a major problem as school shootings are becoming a common occurrence. However, Boos’ platform is going to place students’ lives at risk. This repetitive pattern leaves parents and teacher forced to make school shooting their new normal. Parents are preparing for the worst. Teachers are investing in lollipops to calm children and writing nursery rhymes to educate students to lock the doors, turn off the lights, hide, and be quiet if a school shooting occurs.
Candidates like Boos are showing they are not going to be part of the solution and lack the will to make our schools safer.
Can we trust Jonathan Boos will protect our children?

RA Staff
RA Staff
Written by RA News staff.


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