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Paxton’s Impeachment Trial Could Be Over This Week, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Reveals

In a significant development, the fate of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton may soon be sealed, according to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.

Lt. Gov. Patrick, presiding over Paxton’s impeachment trial, announced that deliberations could commence as early as Thursday. He asserted that senators would remain in Austin until a verdict is reached on the various impeachment charges against Paxton, as reported by The Dallas Morning News. 

To convict Paxton, a vote of at least two-thirds of the Texas Senate is required. Paxton faces removal from office on charges that include abuse of office, obstruction, and bribery, with many of these allegations stemming from his interactions with his friend and campaign donor, Nate Paul, a real estate investor who was federally indicted.

The trial has entered its second week, with Mark Penley, former deputy attorney general for criminal justice at the attorney general’s office, taking the stand.

Penley testified about a December 2019 meeting with Paxton, during which Paxton made a phone call to Paul from inside a car parked at a Starbucks. During the call, Paul voiced concerns that he was unfairly targeted by the FBI and state investigators during a raid on his home and business, leading Penley to express immediate suspicion about Paxton’s involvement. He questioned why the attorney general was interceding in the matter, stating, “My initial reaction was, this is crazy.”

House managers, responsible for prosecuting the case, have relied on the testimonies of former employees who either resigned or were dismissed in 2020 after reporting Paxton to the FBI.

Paxton’s defense attorneys have focused on accusing Paxton’s former staff of orchestrating a coup. However, the attorney general’s top deputies have argued that they reported Paxton to the FBI because they had no other recourse.Notably, Paxton has not attended his trial since pleading not guilty to all charges the previous week. His wife, Sen. Angela Paxton, has been present at the trial but cannot participate, as per a Senate vote in June.

The Texas House voted overwhelmingly to impeach Paxton on May 27, and he remains suspended from his duties without pay until the trial concludes.

RA Staff
RA Staff
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