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Poll: Most Texas Voters Concerned About COVID-19, Want to Keep State Open

The spread of coronavirus has been “out of control,” according to most respondents to a Quinnipiac University poll of registered Texas voters released on July 22. The poll found that 74% think the spread of the coronavirus in the state is a serious problem.

The poll also showed that two-thirds of respondents say they personally know someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19. This is a 31-point increase since early June, when 35 percent said they personally knew someone who had been diagnosed with the viral illness.

“The concern is palpable as the number of virus victims soars and it’s getting more personal every day, as the patient lists increasingly include friends, family and neighbors,” Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Tim Malloy said.

The poll also shows 7 out of 10 respondents say they are either “somewhat concerned” or “very concerned” about the state’s hospitals running out of space to care for coronavirus patients. Thirty-one percent say they are “not so concerned” or “not concerned at all.”

Staying Home and the Economy 

When it comes to shutting down the state and stay-at-home orders, more than half of the respondents want Texas to stay open and believe the governor should not issue a new statewide stay-at-home order to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

However, 68% said that if local officials want to issue stay-at-home orders for their respective areas, Gov. Greg Abbott should permit them to do so.

When it comes to wearing masks, 80% of voters approve of the governor’s order requiring most people in Texas to wear a face mask in public. 

Over half of the poll respondents, 52%, said that Abbott reopened the economy “too quickly,” and 13% said he moved “too slowly.”

Based on the poll, over three-quarters of voters believe closing bars is effective when it comes to slowing the spread of COVID-19.

When it comes to the way Abbott has handled the response in general, respondents are split. Forty-seven percent approved, and 48 percent disapproved. That is a significant change from a poll in June when 56 percent of voters approved and 36 percent disapproved.

Presidential Election

The poll shows there isn’t much change in the way voters in Texas view President Donald Trump’s handling of the response to the coronavirus pandemic. Fifty-one percent said they disapprove. 

The poll also shows that former Vice President Joe Biden is leading against Trump in Texas. The poll shows 45% of voters support Biden, while 44% back Trump. In early June, Trump had 44% and Biden had 43%. 

Biden also is the front runner when it comes to addressing health care, handling a crisis and addressing racial inequality. Respondents were asked who would do a better job on these issues.

Response to the coronavirus: Biden 48%, Trump 45%.

Economy: Trump 56%, Biden 40%.

Health care: Biden 47%, Trump 47%.

Addressing racial inequality: Biden 51%, Trump 39%.

The poll was based on responses from 880 self-identified registered voters in the Lone Star State, who were surveyed July 16-20.

RA Staff
RA Staff
Written by RA News staff.


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