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‘How To Help Texas’ Ranks First in Google’s Annual ‘Year In Search’ Recap

After starting the year off with a devastating winter storm and ending it with Omicron surging the nation, it’s no surprise that “how to help Texas” was the second-most-searched term in the U.S. in the “How to help others” category of Google’s annual “Year in Search” trends. 

Google’s recap takes into consideration trillions of words and phrases that people have searched for over the last 12 months.

How to help Texas: 

  • How to help Texas winter storm: this was the largest spike in Google queries and came last February, after a devastating winter storm left hundreds dead and millions without power. 
  • How to help Texas mask mandate: after Gov. Greg Abbott lifted the state’s mandatory mask order in March. 
  • How to help Texas abortion ban: in Septmeber after Texas’ abortion law went into effect. 

How to help Texas power outage: in September when Hurricane Nicholas left 100,000 Texans without power.

Written by RA News staff.


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