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Houston, We Don’t Have A Problem’: Microdosing App Is Your New Guide To Inner Space

On Wednesday, Brandon Goode decided to take microdosing into his own hands and launched an app called Houston, the first user-oriented microdosing companion app. 

It was in 2018 when Goode had his first experience microdosing and since then there has been no turning back. 

“It was like a very subtle nudge to be more present and enjoy the
things around me,” Goode said to Mashable, of what microdosing
felt like on that first day to him.

What exactly is microdosing? 

Microdosing is defined as the action or practice of administering very small amounts of drugs in order to benefit from their physiological effects and minimize side effects. People typically microdose not to get high but rather to improve their mood, creativity, productivity, etc. 

Why ‘Houston’? 

When Mashable asked Goode why his app was named Houston, he said “Because it’s your guide to inner space, it’s who you can check in with while you’re on your journey.”

Houston lets users track the do’s and don’ts of microdosing, while they log what they are taking and the amount, chart their daily mood, set intentions and reflect on how their day went, as reported by Mashable.

“Having something that’s pretty noninvasive and already integrated into our lives like an app is just a simple friendly way for people to responsibly track their experiences and provide a little bit of curation for set and setting whether it’s a recommended article, or some community connection, or a notification to check in how you’re feeling,” Goode said.

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RA Staff
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