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SpaceX Is Looking To Acquire 43 Acres From Boca Chica State Park Land

SpaceX wants to acquire 43 acres from Boca Chica State Park by giving 477 undeveloped acres to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The company already has a big presence in the State Park, where it is currently developing the world’s most powerful rocket and is also launching various tests.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the deal is set to be discussed next week in Austin during a public Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission meeting.

The 477 acres that Texas Parks and Wildlife Department would receive in exchange for the state land, are near Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge- Bahia Grande Unit.

As the land is located near a national wildlife refuge, it would make it easier to create corridors for wildlife movement.

“This acquisition will provide increased public recreational opportunities including hiking, camping, water recreation and wildlife viewing, and allow for greater conservation of sensitive habitats for wintering and migratory birds,” says the agenda item.

To approve the deal, the state would have to make sure that the quality of the land it is receiving is equal or better than what it’s giving.

Still, some conservation groups are worried that SpaceX could damage Boca Chica’s habitat. The company already has a big presence in the area, testing its rockets that often end up exploding. These tests could damage the algal mudflats that feed hundreds of birds, and the sound produced by the launching could also damage birds.

Also, some groups are worried about making the 477 acres “recreational”.

“We’re really against recreational opportunities that involve porta-potties and fishing piers and parking lots and picnic tables,” said Mary Angela Branch, a board member for the nonprofit Save RGV. “That’s just a terrible carbon footprint.”

“It’s giving SpaceX what they want and basically rolling over,” Jim Chapman, president of the Friends of the Wildlife Corrido said. “Instead of protecting that land from the increasing impacts, they’re giving it to them.”

RA Staff
RA Staff
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