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As the House Kills Texit Bill, Kyle Biedermann Organizes His Own Virtual Hearing

After HB 1359 regarding Texan secession was officially killed, the GOP’s main man in the push for Texit Kyle Biederman, held a press conference to carry out their own hearing.

Biederman joined Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, to share joint remarks.

“At the beginning of this legislative session, Representative Kyle Biedermann brought the discussion of Texas becoming a self-governing independent nation to its next phase by filing House Bill 1359,” said Miller “It gave the people of Texas an opportunity to express their political will at the ballot box on forming a legislative committee to begin the process of planning how an orderly exit from the union could occur”.

The TNM is a nationalist and conservative movement pushing for Texas to become a separate nation, using GOP leaders like Biedermann and Allen West to advance their agenda.

“I don’t understand why anyone would feel that they need to prevent people from having a voice in something that is part of the Texas Constitution… You cannot prevent the people from having a voice.” Said Allen West in support of the Texit referendum.

When justifying the “Virtual Committe Hearing on HB 1359” TNM claimed that Chairman of the State Affairs Committee, Chris Paddie, refused to schedule a hearing for the bill.

“Chairman Paddie has ignored the pleas of Texans and has not scheduled it for a hearing, effectively killing it for this session” said TNM President.

As reported by the Austin-American Statesman, Biedermann concluded the press conference claiming he was on a mission from God.

“We’re here not to glorify man. We’re not here for our own ego,” he said. “We are here and we’ve been elected to serve God and to glorify all that he’s done for us and all that he’s done through his creation. And this is just one part of it.”

When questioned on the TNM’s alleged widespread support behind Texit, Paddie stated there was no such thing.

“I have one of the most conservative districts in the state, and I can tell you this is not something that folks are talking to me a whole lot about.” Said Chris Paddie

RA Staff
RA Staff
Written by RA News staff.


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