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Follow the Freshmen: New Legislators Receive Committee Assignments

Third in an ongoing series.
Following the swearing in of Art Fierro (D-El Paso) earlier this week, there are now 28 freshmen legislators in the House and six freshmen legislators in the Senate.
They stretch across 31 (out of 34) House committees and 14 (out of 16) Senate committees.
All freshmen legislators in the House sit on at least two committees and at most three committees, with a few who also sit on subcommittees.

House Committee Assignments

Districts Name Committee 1 Committee 2 Committee 3
4 Bell, Keith of Kaufman (R) Criminal Jurisprudence Public Education
8 Harris, Cody (R) Energy Resources Local & Consent Calendars Natural Resources
13 Leman, Ben (R) Land & Resource Management Redistricting Transportation
23 Middleton, Mayes (R) Elections Local & Consent Calendars Urban Affairs
37 Dominguez, Alex (D) County Affairs Natural Resources
45 Zwiener, Erin (D) Agriculture & Livestock Environmental Regulation
46 Cole, Sheryl (D) County Affairs Redistricting Ways & Means
47 Goodwin, Vikki (D) Homeland Security & Public Safety Urban Affairs
52 Talarico, James (D) Juvenile Justice & Family Issues Public Education
54 Buckley, Brad (R) Agriculture & Livestock Local & Consent Calendars Appropriations
62 Smith, Reggie (R) Appropriations Judiciary & Civil Jurispudence
65 Beckley, Michelle (D) Agriculture & Livestock Business and Industry
79 Fierro, Art (D) Agriculture & Livestock Elections
89 Noble, Candy (R) General Investigating Human Services Ways & Means
102 Ramos, Ana-Maria (D) Defense & Veterans’ Affairs Natural Resources
104 Gonzalez, Jessica (D) Criminal Jurisprudence Urban Affairs
105 Meza, Terry (D) Agriculture & Livestock Human Services Resolutions Calendar
106 Patterson, Jared (R) Business and Industry Resolutions Calendar Urban Affairs
109 Sherman Sr., Carl (D) Appropriations Corrections House Administration
113 Bowers, Rhetta Andrews (D) Juvenile Justice & Family Issues Local & Consent Calendars Corrections
114 Turner, John (D) Appropriations Environmental Regulation
115 Johnson, Julie (D) Insurance Judiciary & Civil Jurispudence
118 Pacheco, Leo (D) Criminal Jurisprudence General Investigating Higher Education
121 Allison, Steve (R) Public Education Public Health
125 TBD Defense & Veterans’ Affairs Juvenile Justice & Family Issues
126 Harless, Sam (R) Licensing & Administrative Procedures State Affairs
132 Calanni, Gina (D) Homeland Security & Public Safety Juvenile Justice & Family Issues
135 Rosenthal, Jon (D) County Affairs Energy Resources
136 Bucy III, John (D) Culture, Recreation & Tourism Elections

All freshmen legislators in the Senate sit on at least three committees and at most five committees. 
Nearly all the freshmen in both the House and Senate are appointed as members of the committee and not leadership positions.
The exceptions include Senator Pat Fallon (R-Prosper), who was appointed vice-chair of Administration Committee, and Senator Angela Paxton (R-McKinney), who was appointed vice-chair of the newly created Property Tax Committee. In that position, she will oversee one of Governor Abbott’s emergency items this session, property tax reform.

Senate Committee Assignments

Districts Name Committee 1 Committee 2 Committee 3 Committee 4 Committee 5
6 Alvarado, Carol (D) Intergovernmental Relations Transportation Water & Rural Affairs
8 Paxton, Angela (R) Natural Resources & Economic Development Business & Commerce Education Property Tax
10 Powell, Beverly (D) Education Health & Human Services Higher Education
16 Johnson, Nathan (D) Veteran Affairs & Border Security Health & Human Services Water & Rural Affairs Administration
19 Flores, Peter (R) Natural Resources & Economic Development Health & Human Services Finance Criminal Justice
30 Fallon, Pat (R) Natural Resources & Economic Development Intergovernmental Relations Administration Education State Affairs
RA Staff
RA Staff
Written by RA News staff.


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